Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amsterdam... Day 5

It arrives... I arise... With swollen eyes. Body not quite recouping from the 8 hour detox. Sleep just wasn't that thing needed to fully restore my being and my beauty! But as a dear friend once said, she has surrendered her body to pregnancy," I surrendered mine to smoke inhalation. Day 5 and I don't quite have a map of what the day will bring, but I cross the Marriott doors without expectation and knowing that the 1st stop SHOULD be The Internet Cafe/Coffee Shop.

As I peruse the streets of Amsterdam, I gravitate towards an amazing taste, familiar to the great taste experienced 2 nights before. Red Light District once again. Pampa, Argentinean restaurant once again. And as I envisioned, the 2nd time around was even better! Greeted by one I've seen b4 and looking for "the one" I'd like to see again... Mario is his name and he delivered an amazing course, with compliments and an email address to go along with it. Ahhh, don't U just ♡ amazing fare!

On to touristy things like Anne Frank's flat and frolicking about the beautiful city via foot. I manage to walk off some of the baggage acquired at Pampa and more shopping to my surprise. A great pair of green and black booties. And who declared me a sandal gal? Haha The day continues. Many sights, a few pics and lots of smoke. The thing I'll miss most... The FREEDOM of smoking! And while I do miss it b4 its gone, I look ahead to a time of cleansing, just so I can take another puff and pickup exactly where I left off. Amsterdam, I'll be back! This time 3 days is quite enough. I'll catch U on a long weekend. Smoke lovers... Pay AMS @ least one visit. You're bound to reach heights unseen. Til next trip, adios!

One more thing... No more s*x clubs! LOL

Amsterdam... Day 4

It's a new day! Up earlier than expected. Perhaps the beeps and flashing red lights did it! Well at least the red light is flashing from my berry this morning. It represented police sirens the nite b4. Ahhh... How I'd like to forget that happened. The scene lingers in my thoughts, emotions, in my outlook on Amsterdam.

At noon I'll rise to yet another brisk fall rainy day. Somehow in such little squares, my days have been excitingly full. Full of laughter, smoke and food. Hmmm... Is this what my life has become. "The life of a smoker." All activities are heightened from the effects of smoke. As a result, I enter the Coffee Shop yelling,"Shiva" please!

Ahhh... Today should be swell. I'd like to venture towards Paris. However, extensive train rides and high fares has subjected me to another day in AMS. Let's see what the day holds. Day 4 here I come. I'm not looking @ U the same, so AMS surprise Me with your greatness today. Ciao! And btw... I rose to the page of my BFFs, Nia & Chelly ♡.

Amsterdam... Day 3

Your time 8am, my time 2pm... And the day has just begun. Day 3 and conveniently operating on New York time. I ask, what will my Thursday bring? Last nite put a spin on mood, plans and outlook on the day to follow. My mind is clouded from smoke and the chain of events. 2 seconds ago, just 2 seconds ago my vision was different.

I'll clear my eyes, escape premeditated thoughts and get on with the day. 2pm and I type to the breeze of a rainy AMS day. I throw on my new boots and get out to see what today brings. Let's start it off with yummy hot chocolate and a meal to follow...

Amsterdam... Day 2

Late rise, early smoke. A day to shop and of course, a little smoke.

Rain and the essence of such a place can defeat even the worse of unfavored weather. As I tap the surface with my ballerina flats, I think of how a great pair of boots would have been a better option. Prayer answered! This happens to be the land of shoes and I just spotted my first purchase... A very nice pair of brown boots. Job well done Puttie :) and the nite continues!

Premium liquor finally!!! Yes, hotel bar it is.Then red light district late nite. Hmmm... I'll tell U how it goes from here...

As promised! The day has progressed and I'm in what U call the"hospital." Yet again. But this time... This time for a different cause.One may say its the repercussions of AMS, but I say it's one of the most frightening times of my life! They call it amnesia. I call it crack. Some smoke that trickled down a blood stream of drugs and caused a black out spell. From top to bottom in seconds. Eyes rolling in back of head. Man down! And I'm scared shit-less! What do I do? Where do I turn? I know the usual protocol is 911, but I don't know this emergency code. Didn't see it coming! Didn't expect it to happen! Now I sit... I wait... In a foreign room... In a foreign place... With foreign people... And wonder if my friend is alright... I'm scared shit-less!!! And all along, the same weed the brought us here, is lessening my fear!

Amsterdam... Day 1

Breakfast... Coffee Shop... It's all history from there!

The look of such a place has quite a humble essence. It's sort of like the, "my house is your home" feel... Though foreign, the look of this place is true to its natural being. The people however... Somewhat cold and distant. I have not found the words to sum up this community. But as I search... Within and throughout the town of AMS, I'll be sure to come up with a few to render the justice needed. Welcome to Amsterdam!!!

Happiness is a Choice...

Historic week passing... brighter days ahead!

As my gaze meets the sky, thoughts of limitless living cross my mind. A time in my life where I'm completely happy just "being." Many around me seem to be experiencing days, nights, weeks, months - even years of suffering. As I empathize with a few up close and many from a distance, I wonder why God has placed me in the center of all this heartache. Though, I am not questioning God, my human-like nature wonders how I've arrived here.

So I begin to ponder... Brain digging deeper. Heart pounding lightly. I'm listening closely. And though the message isn't yet clear, I've arrived at the focal point. I've arrived at a place of understanding. You see, in life I believe we have choices... Some choose to live in happiness, some choose to live in peace. Others choose to live in sadness and many choose to live in anger. I'm no judge, but all of a sudden I get why I'm in the middle. Not quite sure why you're surrounding me. But the choice I made to BE HAPPY has become my reality.

No life isn't exactly how I envisioned it at the age of 10. But somehow, right now, I am well. Oh now I get it... God has placed the yous' around me, in an effort to show how grateful I should be. Sometimes my pride interferes with my grace and glory isn't given to HE who deserves. Well, as of today, I will work harder to acknowledge my blessings and to share those blessings with others.

I would like you to know, happiness is a choice! Given anything you want in this world, without innate appreciation, acceptance and joy, you'll arrive at this very place. One of the guiding truths of life - We are all the causes of our own effects. Happiness is a choice! Be sure to choose wisely...