Friday, March 20, 2009

A.M. Thoughts...

Rising to a vibration, an alert, my roomie/alarm clock has just sounded. I snap out of the dream and forcefully open my eyes to a bbm mssg advising I get up. Oh sh*t! It's 8:07 am. An hour late already. I attempt to panic, but there's a sense of calm that has taken over me. Let's say I still feel like I'm on vaca (smile!).

Ok, so I'm aware of why I may have overslept. Perhaps its the 10 hour workday I endured. Or the late nite smoke. Or simply the presence of that man I'm so very fond of. Ahhh... We'll go with the latter and consider the others as icing on the cake.

Now back to this man... Apparently I was in deep thought before, during and after his visit. While sleeping I remember a vision, a presence of his being. Not sure of the dynamics, but somehow he met me in my dreams - I didn't want to wake. But thanks to worldly contribution & responsibility, dreamy thoughts were interrupted.

So this man, I'm not sure what draws me to him. It's as if this unspoken power lying in him, speaks to me. It not only speaks, it whistles, it yells, it pulls me toward... With thoughts of being the best Me I can be, I hold back. From his soft hands, to gentle kiss. The embracing hug, making me feel so safe in your arms. Wow, I dream of having such attraction, such a feeling, such a joy, in the presence of a man of my own. For He that I've dreamt of isn't mine and will not be... However, at the moment, all I can think of is life with him & me. I ♡ him... I really do!