Thursday, September 4, 2008

Complications with Life Itself

As I shut my eyes, my face slowly touched the pillow. In the matter of seconds, I began to feel other parts of my body shutting down… Breathing is no longer second nature. I realize my breath has been compromised. Clogged pipes are not allowing breaths of fresh air to flow freely. On a quest for fresh air, I take shorter breaths and adjust my bodily position. To no avail, complications persist. I pray, I panic, I sob, on a quest for a good nights’ rest.

A wonderful day unfolded into an amazing evening and now the amazing evening transpires into a late night… a night where my health is in question. My mind races to figure out what can be done to shake this cough. All in the name of rest! Yes, I want to live a healthy life. BUT what’s health without rest I ask?

Well to my dismay, “Sleep is the cousin of death.” Tonight this rang so true. Though I don’t feel as if God wants this life to come to an end, my congested chest has made every second a struggle. Myyyy, how I took breathing fore granted. The simplest form of being has become the most challenging fight for survival. As I inhale, I pray for the day, the second, the moment when my chest opens and the breath of life enters in its purest form.

Save me! I would love to breathe again….

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Remember those thoughts of last week? Remember those thoughts becoming things??? Well, the thought of today, as of last night, was a thought of a good day. Again, "thoughts become things." Today has proven itself already. A good day has begun!

As I recline in the seat I claim for the next 8.5 hours, I get cozy with the idea of being here for the better part of the day. While that literally confines me to a box, a box the size of a cubicle, my energy pushes past my reality. I think of today as a day of exploration. A day to see what else is out there for me. I begin with thoughts of finishing some writing assignments from Spring semester's "Writing for Magazines" class. I then float to my next great read. And then i resort to providing for others what I love for self...

Have U thought about viewing, analyzing, browsing, reading my words on paper? If it's a thought and you and I know thoughts become things, hmmmm.... this may be reality. Today is a beautiful day. Good vibes, good energy, good suiting, good karma, good food, good sunshine, good weather, good commute, good friends. Something GREAT will become of the all the good combined. Ok ok, I'm babbling. Just throwing words in this given frame. I'm done (for now), but I shall return...