Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Friendly Fight

Of lately, my friend experience has had its ups and downs... While I'm very aware that there are peaks and valleys in any relationship, including the relationship with self, I am on the fence about the constant battles in my life.  There's always something said, something done, menial battles that can't be won! 

What do I do?  Do I give up?  Do I keep fighting?  Do I allow the pieces to fall as they may, conjoining to their original state one day?  Or do I learn to deal with my emotions solemnly and stay? 

These seem to be the questions I consciously and unconsciously ponder. When I love a person, them being in pain and/or inflicting pain makes me wonder... What's worth fighting for?  When is it safe to give up?  With the knowledge and experience of being in all sorts of relationships, I know there will be times that suck...

That said, I'll chalk this up as a time to reflect.  Not bring in another for opinion purposes and to evaluate respect.  In my heart of hearts I know my intent isn't maliciously powered... But something about these last few months makes me want to take flight.  After all, our goal in life is happiness and that should never be a constant fight.

Your Loyal Friend...