Wednesday, November 14, 2007

7 whole days...

It's been a week since we've touched... I can admit the longing to return. But to let the thoughts fluster my mind at such an inappropriate time... The first tear has already hit my chest and I can feel tear #2 forming to make an adjacent landing. I didn't want to deal with this emotion. I tried to brush a smile over the frown. Truth is, frowning or pouting, the true me shows up on my face. And right now, I am not who U think I am. Always filled with joy... this is currently a thing of the past! I thought my sorrow was so "last season," but evidently it has resurfaced to Fall 2007. I aspire to be an all around happy being.

Then I wonder... Lord am I asking for too much? Do I lack faith? Is my voice whispering at a time when I should be shouting? Do I lack ambition? Am I ready for what I really want? Do you have an alternate plan? R U making me wait b/c something bigger is in the picture? Am I waiting, so I can truly believe in your power when the blessing comes? Y??? I ask, Y? I feel alone in a dark place and I'd like to see light. Light at the other end of this tunnel. As I type, I can barely focus b/c I'm experiencing day 3 of a chronic headache. It's all new to me. 25... and.... what's next? Should I just pack up and start this journey all over again? What should I do? There must be lines of communication that have been cut b/c I'm unsure if U hear me and I really cannot hear U. Or am I mistaking your voice? Are you speaking thru another being? Where r U? I need U!!! Attempting to wait patiently...

Please... Not another nightmare tonite... PLEASE! Reveal the beauty to come, in my dream tonite. That will shift my dark vision significantly! Thanks in advance (*_*)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Clarity from the MAN we can always count on... GOD!

U are right! God will always answer even if it's not right now. This made me slump in my seat a bit. It's like, always expect the unexpected. Kind of makes U question things. Although, I believe in loving hard even if it means you'll only be able to love that person for a short period of time. But in human error we sometimes lose hope. It's like... well when can I feel safe and not be at square one again, so soon??? The pieces will fall in the places God visioned, even if this puzzle doesn't go together as planned by your naked eye.

The clarity lies in your truth and His favor... GOD (*_*)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stand Still!

When the world's moving fast and U can't keep the pace, stand still. Allow things to revolve around U for a while. Observation changes when U remove self from the rat race. Sometimes U must "stand still!"

That's all for today! Why??? Because I'm just "STANDING STILL!!!"

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween's Over!

Halloween was kinda fun! Club was extremely packed, so U know I was hot as hell. But the girls enjoyed... Viv was loved up! I must say... those 2 look good together! Phoenix had a number of things going on last nite. To her surprise, she was actually drunk (An admirer from way back told her so) and definitely policing the place! lol My other bff anticipated such a great nite, she took off. And I'm sure it was a great nite for her. It went from dance club to strip club. Couldn't enjoy the strip club, due to morning obligations. The team counts on me! Haha what a joke!

Today... Surprisingly, I am feeling and looking quite good. Refreshed if I must say so myself. I am sure it's the good energy I put into the universe. I spoke of today being a fantastic day and that it is! I have another highlight of the day, but I'll wait to discuss. Right now, I need grub! Meeting Phoenix for a bite and heading home to enjoy my tube. :) What a nite to lead into an even better day...