Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes you want to walk into open arms. Sometimes you yearn to feel safe.  Sometimes there's a need to be protected.  Sometimes it's the idea of having your partner in crime.  Sometimes it's about security.  Sometimes you have an unconscious need to be fulfilled.  Sometimes... Sometimes you can get caught up in the emotions of now!

While the present hour isn't one to be ignored, it is the present emotions that one must not act upon in the heat of a moment.  Take a chance, sure.  But what's done today, you may have to pay for everyday.  Another visitor in the Clark Hotel.  A repeat guest for "sometime," but that time too passes...

See, I didn't get it before, but I understand it now.  It all makes sense!  That which is built on weak ground shall fall.  It's the logics of building.  And though great ideas can come in the form of "sometimes," it is a sure thing that goes on in an attempt to build something substantial.

I write this note, not to lecture, but to express the fleeting emotion of a woman; developed from the neediness to nurture.  That said, wisen up young girl!  The worlds are again shifting.  There's a level of consciousness that needs to be accepted and respected.  You don't deserve temporary assets with permanent risks!

Ok, signing off.  A full night of sleep is needed and I think it'll happen.  Here's to transformation!  Sleep well...


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Am Love

At my very best I am love!  Listening to Aaliyah on my ipod this a.m. really has me going... I've slid into a lighter mood.  The softness of her voice connected to the softness of my heart.  I feel fresh.  Taking in the brisk air and breathing every breath with focus, intention, a feeling of life being its best.

Truth is, I can have sunny days, everyday, IF I choose to.  I've come to realize that My happiness is indeed My choice.  And today I choose It!  My day is bright.  My future has limitless possibilities.  My life is full.  At my very best I am love and all aspects of my life shall embody just that.

May your day be blessed.  The Lord is very present.  HE is very consistent.  HE knows my heart and that is where My love starts.