Wednesday, October 31, 2007

At the end of the day...

At the end of the day U realize you have many people rooting for you, many concerned about your well-being. The simplest gesture of contact brings back the moment when you realized you're loved. All of a sudden, a voice just lifted U up! Thanks! I appreciate the change of energy. Then I wonder, was it me or U? Did I just come to realize greatness thru U? Or was it all U. I can give equal credit... it was US. Nah, it was just U being you and God showing me that all things pass, good or bad. Accept, embrace, let go and let God! That's the motto to a pure heart.

That was a stack of bricks off the chest! Now let's party! Happy Halloween!!! A "Sexy Devil" is what I'll be (*_*) Let's see who gets the naughty ending tonight...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clouded Thoughts...

Great morning! Porridge to fill the belly, tea to soothe the soul.

It's funny... You're on the good foot with all, then one rotten apple manages to spoil the bunch! Didn't think it bothered me much, but this time my feathers have been ruffled. In a world where selfish is necessary at times, many don't know how to step out of that element to become selfless. OK OK OK... enough babbling! Address the issue and move on. That I shall do today!

Heading into a meeting this morning. Interest for what's to be discussed is nonexistent. Obligations... responsibilities... warrants my presence. :( Definitely a sad face moment. Oh well... here goes nothing!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sleeping Beauty...

Who says beauty can't derive from rest??? If lack of rest can turn a beauty into a beast, is quite the opposite possible? Well today I'm more well rested than I've been in a long time. Skipping out on the night's festivities... Trading in a night of dancing, for a night of sleep... for a day of sanity! So much has been accomplished today. A feeling of warmth has entered my body. 40 degree weather hasn't taken the warm breeze out of my body. There's something about sleep that just makes U focus. U see things differently. The world seems to respond with clarity when approaching the day with a clear and open mind. My day thus far has been great! A sense of greatness achieved by self. Sleep has managed to push extremities that would normally f*ck up my day, to the back burner. Today is a good day! Tomorrow... Ummm, even better!

Saturday night drunkenness, coupled with a greasy burger to follow, didn't make a mess of my Sunday and my Sunday made today a blessed day. Thank God for opportunities, decisions, choices!!! The best thing about tomorrow is knowing that a new beginning is approaching and this beginning surfaces from the art of sleep. Whoever said the nickname of "Sleeping Beauty" wasn't the best appointed title ever... Kiss my ___! Ooopps (*_*)

Friday, October 26, 2007


So I roll out of bed with the feeling of staying where I am for the next few hours. But who can ignore the time being watched on someone else's clock? Alright, alright... I've managed to make it to the shower and my day has begun! The halo of a days work sitting on my conscience. The thought of "what can I do today to make my life better?" becomes a constant question in my mind. Gloomy weather, brisk air... not quite the day I'd like, but hell, it is FRIDAY!!! And when the workday comes to an end, freedom begins!

What will my weekend consist of? I'm sure I'll have some beans to spill by Monday. Hell... I may need to grab a pen and paper Saturday morning to journal Friday night's mayhem. No plans, but that doesn't suggest it'll be a quiet evening. Wine, movie, boy toy... I'm all set for a frisky evening, but plans seem to go astray from one berry message. My messenger buds always have a cluster of "things" to do. Oh... and I mean "things" literally!

Hahaha! That last comment excited me a bit. So inappropriate for the office. But who cares??? U can't see thru my black pants anyhow... (*_*) J/K

Lata Yall!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today's the Day!!!

Is today that special day??? I think so! Confirmation... Well I just read an old email from one of my nearest and dearest. It read:

"I read what u sent MJ, I thought I was reading something else! Keep a diary, cause ur good! I'd buy it :o) LOL Ummm, time for you 2 start your own anonymous blog! I'm serious! That would be dope! Blog all this down! Love it!"
S. Shine...

The exchange of such words happened on August 13th, 2007. 2 months and (almost) 2 weeks later, I come to expose a snippet of my world. A world that changes upon exiting the building that houses our 9-5. Many may wonder, but few know the truth of our lives. We're young NYC girls, reveling in both worlds. I welcome your presence and tempt your craving to experience life on the island in which I reside... NEW YORK CITY!!!