Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Love. One Life. You Won't Get it Twice!

At some point we must all take credit for where we are and why we are.  It is no longer OK to just say, well this is the way I am or these are the circumstances because of X, Y, Z.  I say this as I sit in the chair that has held my weight for 3+ years...

Clearly, I've overstayed my welcome.  I've worn out my guest pass.  I've gone too far and have fallen too short.  Happiness has fled.  I'm living, yet I'm dead...

So what do you do when enough is enough?  Is there a dollar amount that should keep you where you are, even if you know you've gone too far?  Should you succumb to egotistical and societal demands? 

I say get up and get out.  Start something new.  Do what you want to do!  The time is now, even if you're unsure how.  Get out and get a hold on your life - there's only one to live! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Love More, Care Less

I think I read the most helpful article on my way in this morning.  Though the title of the article has escaped my mind, the content lingers and it's message rings true - to love more, care less.  This is something I think many people will benefit from following, yet caring is how humans are taught to express and/or reveal the depth of their love. 

From my understanding, I thought caring was an element of love, but truth is - the more you care, the less you are able to love.  Ideally, one isn't going in with such intentions, however that does very little to confirm the reality of it all.  Relationships with family, close friends and mates, typically exist on the foundation of unconditional love.  The constant care, expectations of a certain outcome and the desire to change a person, inherently changes the way you love.  Unconditional becomes conditional.

So I say to you, if you can love more and care less, is it worth caring more and loving less?  We all have concerns of others, especially the ones we love, but the burden that caring plays on both parties can sometimes cause more harm than help.

Today is the first day I'll exercise my human right to preserve my sanity - I care less, I love more!  Thanks O, The Oprah Magazine, for an insightful write-up.  With you, I'm simply one read away from shifting my thinking, broadening my knowledge and expanding my thoughts. 

Loving You More...