Thursday, August 28, 2008

Seen but not often heard...

Seen but not often heard... I arise this morning with many thoughts. Thoughts of last nites' thoughts. Simple yet complex thoughts... Thoughts of sleeping later than usual. Thoughts of a nonobligatory day. Thoughts... Thoughts of what to wear. Thoughts of the September-like temps in the month of August.

As they say, thoughts become things! And with so much on the brain, I somehow encountered a woman... A woman refusing to silence her thoughts. With more thoughts brewing, I began to wonder what made this woman crazy. The thoughts to follow intensified. The loud outburst from the seat across interrupted my reading. And of course, losing focus on the words jumping from the page created more thoughts. As I analyzed and wondered about the shouts echoing throughout the train car, I take a different stance on how I viewed this thought provoking woman. Perhaps I had no reason to think she was insane. If I decided to use my outside voice to project inner thoughts, I'd probably be viewed as crazy myself. But you know the craziest thought of it all... with my thoughtful voice silenced... this woman is probably more sane than "I." During the 20 minute train ride, she's managed to get all her inner thoughts off her brain and into the universe.

Thoughts become things... and with the release of inner thoughts, sanity is awarded, approved, granted! WOW.. that woman probably feels as if the world was lifted off her shoulders. And here I am, judging her level of sanity. As I exit the car, there are a million and one thoughts brewing... Thoughts that I'll have to deal with today, tomorrow, just because the thought of sanity negates the act of insanity... Thoughts... and funny enough, I'm still thinking!

Hear my voice... I'm speaking out loud.