Thursday, June 26, 2008

Night Vision...

As I close my eyes and dream of dreaming... I realize that tomorrow is a new day. A fresh start. I can look @ the world through a new lens. My life has just begun!

So as I lay I smile at the newness of tomorrow and bask in the joy, the quiet echo of tonite. The most peaceful times of the day has all to do with my eyes. The process of opening and closing... Simplistic power of the infant-like act.

I'd give anything to bring such peace to my life entirely. As I smile, I recognize the power in opening and closing, laying and rising... My eyes, my mind, my ♥ and my soul. Good nite to U! We shall meet again in the a.m.

Monday, June 23, 2008

As the World Turns...

I ask, where am I? Where should i go? Undecided on what directions to choose, which way to look... I sit still for a while to figure out this life (I identify as mine). I use MINE, but with all the choices, I find myself confined to doing what I have to do, so I can do what I'd like to do. Is that enough to label my life as that which belongs to others?

Well not really. I can do all I want to do, if willing to sacrifice and deal with the consequence of MY decisions. This circle of life is interesting. As U get to where U thought you wanted to be, the excitement of it all is released. And by the end of the month, things seem so systematic, mundane, repetitive, again. Is it me? Is it the spirit of an explorer that calls for so much more in life? Many are happy just where they are. Me... I'm happy by nature, but those unspoken things in life that makes my heart tick have fallen by the waist side.

I dream to live life with passion. To live life with a purpose. To explore & discover the true me. Live life in laughter. Everyday is a new day, so as I rise tomorrow I shall conquer the mission of the day. A new day! A day to be viewed differently than yesterday. A daily mission. Does this make me a missionary? Well call it what U want, I am out to discover. In the circle/cycle that seems so systematic, if I can get my mind to evolve from familiarity, I shall be in a better place today, tomorrow and forever.

Live in adventure. There's only one live to live. The only variable equal across the board is how U choose to live it! Live life in love and laughter.

Puttie is back!