Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Monday nite of laughter! Recovering from Sunday nite partying... sleep was way overdue by the time I crossed my front door. Exhaustion was in the air. After napping for 2 hrs, I was awaken by the arrival of my BFF. We sat up and talked for a while, then my phone rang. Who would of known! This returned call turned into hours of babbling. Starting out with a detailed description of exactly what dating meant in different cultures. Small topic, big laughs and a long nite!!!

BFF stayed in the convo til 4 am and the convo continued til 6:15 am. How the hell will i get up for work??? I did it! One more late nite... Although it took place in my home with the absence of alcohol. I wonder what drove me to talk for so long. Is it like, interest, love, fate??? I don't know if I can answer the question. A friendship has begun! Developing thru way of berry messenger. A love connection, perhaps! Or is it just two souls, awaiting the arrival for an enlightening connection. So different, yet mesh very well. The convos are endless! Empowering! Brings out the girlie girl in me! But what do I want from this? For now I'll take it as a friendship that's so meant to be. But sometimes I wonder where we'll go from here... One day at a time. My Romeo is not what I expected, should I be Juliet... I'm not what he expected! So all we can do is take what the day brings and leave an open window for the unexpected...

6 hours on the damn phone! WTF!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


A date! OMG all of a sudden I have 2. What should i do??? Should I opt to be romanced in a foreign language or should I show face and make a run for it. Funny... the moment I locked eyes with the berry addict, I knew that it was him and I that nite. My other plans were cancelled long b4 HE decided my nite would end with him. They say U can sometimes miss a blessing, a gift, a good thing when U go for ideal packaging. Well well well... let me tell U! I am happy my inner woman fights a lot harder for the things that spark her interest.

It all started from the inclusion of a mass email. Yes... months after we'd met. How things come right on time and are sooo meant to be! Ok... well back to the date. We go & take care of business (Oh no... not that kind of business!), then head to dinner. Dinner with the boys! That was entertaining and tasty. From dinner we proceed to a French restaurant for dessert. The crepes were delish!!! The wine was ok... and from there the party continued. A nite of laughter, smiles and good times. By 12 we were finishing up with glass 3 and heading to "the spot." My 2nd home... Lotus. Needless to say, the nite was a blur by 1. Yes 1am! Uhhh... what a mess I am. One things for sure, I know how to have a good time!!!

Oh... And guess what? I think I've been bit by the "LOVE BUG." Shhhhh don't tell anyone! I'm trying to hold my composure people!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Is it not meant to be???

The fire's ignited with a berry swap... BFF is having a very engaging convo with a familiar young man on my behalf. The conversation goes from casual flirting to intense expressions of seeing him once again.

Ok... so now the guy has a mouth full and a burning desire to see me once again. With conflicting schedules at hand, we manage to keep the energy flowing thru berry messenger. It starts with a casual hello, migrates to a pic of self, then a pic of "what to expect" follows. "What to expect...." Mouth wide open! Now the tables have turned and my desires intensify. For a few days, all I can think of is what it will feel like. And after vaca that day presents itself.

"What's up?" Nothing, lying on my couch. "I'm coming over tonite! I'm done at 9pm, see you after!" Anxiously waiting, I begin to clean. Upon his arrival, not WOW'd, but I know there's more to come. He crosses the door, I exit the shower while he sits patiently on the chaise. With a special room invite, we change up the scenery a bit and begin fondling. Kissing, touching, squeezing, holding... all that U can imagine and more! With so much passion, the body screams for MORE. Wants become needs! Motioning to gain such satisfaction, he blurts out, "I don't have any ____." WTF How do u come for an act without all your props??? Uhhhh.... I instantly transform. With a greed to now fulfill a need, I try the old fashion way of reaching my peak. With bodies rubbing, undies touching and warm french kisses to the neck, I get a lil of what I need. Sexually frustrated, turns into somewhat pleased.

I deem tonite a nite worth my time! It's been sometime since I've taken it there... Droughts, dry spells, lack of, can be frustrating. But for some reason I believe God wants my "good girl" to be preserved for "MY GUY!!!" And my guy only! So what will I do? I'll wait! I shall wait patiently... Patiently waiting, but promise it won't take so long this time...

San Fran

Sometimes a day, a moment, a week, a minute, a month, a year... all facets of time to escape can be give just what's needed. New scenery, peaceful environment, visions of unknown waters, red bridges, trolley rides through the streets of Union Square. An exciting escape offering new flavors of life. Architecture of a genius. Who would of known San Fran is the place I'd like to see again. Time well spent! Energy well released! Sleep worth missing! Court side seats worth filling! Delectable tastes & compliments to the chef! A life so close, yet a notable space between the 2.

So the trip comes to an end. New surroundings become familiar territory as the plane glides across the skies, landing in NEW YORK. I'm back! Ready to keep the party going. Ready to go for what I want in life. Welcoming what makes me laugh. I'm back! And given this weeks chain of events... I am really operating as if vacation isn't over just yet.